Bling My Thing - decorate your 3D models

April 01, 2022

Deckinabox received some feedback asking for ways to decorate easily the boxes. Typically adding a logo, or a little bit of text. I like the Unix philosophy of small tools with a single purpose - making simple boxes is the purpose of that tool, not decoration.

So I created another tool! Bling My Thing is a web application that lets you decorate 3D models. It takes a STEP file (there is also some STL support) and allows you to select faces and apply decorations.

You can add text, make honeycomb or grid pattern and also apply SVGs.

Showcase of different types of decoration

With the help of replicad creating such single purpose web apps for 3D modelling becomes easy. I have open sourced the code, so that anyone can copy the structure of the app and create their own tool.

You can discuss it on Mastodon or Twitter

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