3D printed parts for a baby gym arch

June 24, 2021

Somehow a baby appeared in my life. I wanted to build him one of these arches where you can suspend toys for him to play with. I think it is called a baby arch.

the baby arch from the side

This arch is built of 4 legs made of rectangular lumber, a wooden rod for the arch itself, and some 3D printed parts for the feet and to connect everything together (I call them the heads).

Here you can configure and download the files to 3D print.

I made this an editable model, where you can customise:

  • the shape of the (rectangular) legs (legsWidth, legsDepth), as well as how they related to each other (legsAngle)
  • the radius of the rod (rodRadius)
  • how much of the legs is covered by the 3D printed piece (footHoleLength and headHoleLength)
  • more technical parameters (wallThickness and tolerance)

While tweaking the parameters, you might see a blob appear - it means that your configuration made something break.

You can export your file as STL and use a standard configuration for your slicer. Personally I printed them on the flat side, I did not use any support, with layers at 0.2 (and in PLA). I had to clean a bit the legs holes because of an imperfect bridge - but your printer is probably better configured than mine!

You can discuss this on Mastodon or on Reddit

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